Bureau of Exceptional Student Education (BESE) Portal
Professional Development Alternatives (PDAs)

Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) Online Modules designed to assist educators in becoming more proficient in responding to the various instructional and behavioral needs of each individual learner in order to maximize achievement of all students.

The facilitated modules provide ongoing collaboration with colleagues and expert facilitators. The independent study modules allow self-paced learning.

All modules are:
  • free to Florida educators,
  • available online throughout the state,
  • designed with high-quality content, and
  • updated on a regular basis.
All modules provide:
  • a variety of learning activities,
  • classroom-related assessment tasks,
  • technology support, as needed, and
  • a consistent and user-friendly format and organization


Note: For information on which courses count towards ESE credits, contact your district's certification and professional development office.



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